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This is Madness

The last couple of weeks have been relatively survivable, surprisingly.

I realised how crappy my Mondays are - stupid single 8am lecture that I feel obliged to go to so that I actually get out of the house. Spent most of Monday either in UniSFA, coffee-ing it up with people or lazing around somewhere.
Tuesdays are good - busy morning plus a study/shit-need-sports-people afternoon
Wednesdays are mixed - 8am Workshop then Inter-Fac Sport in the afternoon until at least Study Break
Thursdays are like Tuesdays.
Fridays are ARHfdingjdflghdjligdh. Read as busy as hell.

The rest of my life is going relatively smoothly. I say relatively because I'm doing that thing I always do - neglecting certain important people due to over-committing myself to other things...WHUPS. But Guild, SOC and SU haven't driven me completely insane (or rather more insane than I already am).
Work is still joy. Currently trying to work out my April Availability so if there are any dates I need to know for April, please advise me ASAP!
Softball is going relatively well, I'm hopeful about us making finals after the way we've been playing over the last couple of weeks :)

I've begun to wonder how much I've changed over the last few years. Anyone who is out there in cyber-land who's known me for a few years, can you comment on this? I feel like I'm the same person, but then again I feel like a completely different person in that I treat people in a way I never would have 3 or 4 years ago. So yes, please let me know what you think...Anonymously if you prefer.

I'm going to go back to writing a million and one reports...pffffft.

2009 looks like...

Things I am already doing this year:
  1. UWA Student Guild Council - Ordinary Guild Councillor
  2. Societies Council - Ordinary Committee Member
  3. Science Union - Female Sports Representative
Things I will likely be adding to this list within the next month:
  1. Y.S.A. Perth Committee 
  2. UWA Softball Student Representative
  3. Something dramatic
Things I am not going to do this year because if I do I'll probably die
  1. A full uni load. 3/4 load instead.
  2. Netball. Mostly because my knees are clicking already and I want to give them a season off. I'm contemplating taking dance classes to cover the exercise I'll be missing.
This list may change.

Can anyone think of anything I've missed?

Feb. 10th, 2009

I am still alive.

Funeral is Friday.

My brain has shut down.

Thank you to those who have proffered hugs, company or other condolences.

Feb. 9th, 2009

My Grandfather passed away last night.

I can't do this anymore.

Mes amis

Has been a long time since a real post.
I've decided, with a little inspiration from Nic, not to talk about what I've done, because that will take all day,  but instead about my groups of friends.

Mostly people I knew in Primary School but didn't really have anything to do with one another.
Jess, Liz, Geraldine, Nicola, Tom, others
Sadly I'm not in contact with this group as much as I would like to be. Our lives tend to get in the way, with a mixture of interests it is not hard to see why. I'm in better contact with Liz than any of the others, but that could be a case of proximity and personality.
Met Liz, Nicola and Tom when we were about 1 month old, Geraldine in Prep and Jess in year 2.

This was/is mostly the ecclectic mix of PC, GGS and Hale students.
Ying, Claire, Steph B, Steph C, Steph J, Bec L, Bec G, Louise, Andrea, Laura, Keira, Cam, Zac, Joel, Scott, Tim, Antony, Dave, Yifan, I'm sure I've forgotten some people but you get the idea.
Was quite close with them during high school, as that is when I met most of them,  Unfortunately, I don't see them that often anymore even though most of us go to UWA together. Rarely organise gatherings due to a lack of availability of all of us.
Met the Girls at PC, mostly just a mismatched group but you get that. The GGS boys mostly came in through Louise and Keira. The Hale boys showed up after year 10 Hale/PC French Dinner.

Andrew, Sarah, Brittney, Tesni, Dom, NUnger, Brock, Lance, Tegan, Rupert
Mostly consists of the study group that disassembles and reassembles around exam periods. Quiz nights with this group are also grand. We all met as a group doing Chem related things. I knew Lance from when I was little, Dom through a friend and Tegan and Rupert through other friends.

Refectory group
Chappy, Macca, Zac, Cait, Layli, Kelsie, Bec, Lawrence, Kev, Dave, Dirty, Diesel, Nat, Christie, Pitty, Fitz and more
I met Pitty at some point the previous year and then whilst mid-performance week, I encountered an interesting group of card playing people. Dirty I'd known since Prep which meant I kinda stuck around and ended up merging into the group.

Nanotech Crew
Bradshaw, Glen, Al, Zerin, Paul
Met through the wonders of our Nanotechnology degrees. Pretty joy.

Leisure Crew
Rohan, Al, Animal, Ling, Caroline, Bec, T2, Harry, Leticia, Anto, Courtz, Andy, Duncan
Insane insane people. Met Animal, Andy and Leticia after EOSS 2007,and the rest soon followed. Good value people but crazy crazy.

"MLC Girls"
Helen, Katie, Tegan, Tara, Leanda, Georgia, Jo, Jez and others
Met Hels through Zerin, Tara through Mikey, Tegan in Chemistry. Nice calm people compared to many of the others. A lot of them are tripping away in 2009 which is sad making.

Science Union
Campbell, Tess, James, Tilly, Marbles, Duncs, Courtenay, Trent, Lizzie, Oscar, Tesni, Natalie, Laura, Kirsty, Lauren, Tomy, Creedon, Boner, Trin... you get the idea.
It's Science Union. Need I say more?

Pandora, Laura, Emma, Trent, Vlad, Caroline, Kirsty, Jo, Kristian, Sammy, Tom, Butters, Anne, Dougy, Dave, Anna etc
Guild elections make for fun times especially when EMAS are playing music "to groove to". And Bullets doesn't half help too. I knew Anna, Trent and Caroline before hand.

Includes the UniSFAns and the UDS and Pantomime Society members.
Pretty much only see them during uni and only if I'm up in the commonroom/performing etc. This is mildly depressing as they are all fun fun fun, example: Karaoke with F-Nic, Ellie, P-chan, Tal; Afters with UDS/Panto

Anyone from Session A/B 2006 and more.
I LOVE MY NYSFers! Sadly I don't get to see them as much as I'd like to but that's what happens when a continent gets in the way :(

A lot of these groups overlap a little bit, but mostly not so much - in fact, some groups hate each other. It would be nice if they all could play nice once in a while *sigh*


2008 at a glance

2008 memeCollapse )

Thanks to all of those who have kept me sane over the year. I know I've been trying at times, and I apologise for it. Thanks! :)

How is it possible that, in the space of less than a week, everything in my life can have changed so drastically? People I used to see a lot have no time for me. People I thought I could talk to about things are uncontactable or too busy with their own lives. People I thought were arseholes are being nice.

Musing won't answer this. So here, instead, is a meme.

Post anything you want about me, but post it anonymously. Post anything: a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, your opinion about me…anything, but be sure to post anonymously and honestly. IP logging is off.

2008 Guild Election Results

Guild President: Dom Rose (STAR)
SOC President: Alex Paioff (STAR)
Ed Council President: Keelia Fitzpatrick (STAR) - Unopposed
PAC President: Emma Greeney (STAR) - Unopposed
Treasurer: Davina Hunter (STAR)
Women's Affairs Officer: Nikki Graham (STAR)
Welfare Officer: Tom Antoniazzi (STAR)
Environment Officer: Nic Morgan (Left Action)
ISS Officer: Hun Hao Chuah (ISL)
Sports Representative: Sarah-Jayne Robinson (STAR)
Senate Representative: Nik Barron (STAR)

NUS Delegates:
  • Luke Villiers (STAR)
  • Nikki Graham (STAR)
  • Alex Butterworth (BLUE)
  • Alexis Vassiley (Left Action)
  • Mary Lannigan (STAR)
  • Keelia Fitzpatrick (STAR)

Guild Councilors
  • Tom Antoniazzi (STAR)
  • Cameron Barnes (STAR)
  • Kate Crowhurst (STAR)
  • Dan Hickey (STAR)
  • Claudia Henfry (STAR)
  • Ryan Moldrich (STAR)
  • Alex Morris (STAR)
  • Tom Rose (STAR)
  • Sammy Stewart (STAR)
  • April Shim (ISL)
  • Hun Hao Chuah (ISL)
  • Pandora Mavromatidis (TURBO)
  • oh...and Kate O'Sullivan (Independant)
So maybe it wasn't a complete waste of time.
Who knows.
It's going to be a mighty interesting year.


Oct. 3rd, 2008

I don't know why I bothered.
What the hell was the point.
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names & why you chose them. You can't tag a person who has tagged you.

1. I hugely dislike losing. Especially at sport.
2. I was very quiet and lacked any real self confidence when I was younger.
3. I dislike shopping for clothes, shoes etc. Books/random stuff shopping is awesome.
4. I don't eat breakfast - and not just because I tend not to have time to do so.
5. I have no long term goals for myself. Any thing I hope for is generally unattainable.
6. I need to get out of Perth to reinvent myself.
7. Sudoku helps me think and get my mind in order.
8. I like to know a lot of people to get multiple views on different topics. It lets me formulate my own ideas and have them challenged.
9. I often wear hockey socks because they are comfortable.
10. I believe that everyone has the right to be represented in all levels of politics, but I don't agree with smear campaigns and slander to achieve this.

And I tag....
Anyone who wants to do it, but especially rennier gladwinabroad hidden_relic and_aurillion_